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How to Adjust Sliding Glass Door Rollers

The tools required for this project include:

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Putty knife
  • Safety glasses
  • Gloves

This is how to adjust the doors rollers to ensure smooth operation and maintain weather tightness:
First thing we wanna do is check our wheels. There are two adjustments on the door panel covered by plug covers. Using a stiff putty knife, remove these plug covers. The screw ports allow access to Phillips head screws that raise and adjust the door. When you need to raise the door, place the putty knife under the door and push the door upwards. This takes pressure off the wheel. To raise the door, turn the screw clockwise. To lower the door, turn the screw counterclockwise. Whenever you adjust one side, you must adjust the other side accordingly. To tell if there’s an even reveal, slide the door towards the door jamb and line it up to make sure the gap is even from top to bottom. Insert the plugs once you have adjusted the door and it is sliding properly.

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Milgard SmartTouch Window Lock

It’s easy to see that the Milgard SmartTouch window lock is sleek, slim, and modern. But what really makes it unique is something you have to feel how easy it is to operate. SmartTouch is a unique window lock that you don’t have to pinch, squeeze, or twist to open, close, and lock. It operates with one effortless, single motion, which earns SmartTouch an arthritis foundation ease-of-use commendation and prestigious IDEA award for its innovative design and positive impact on quality of life.

It’s tough, too! Extensive, independent research firm testing proved it. Take the cycle testing example- We wore out the testing machine after 200,000 cycles! That’s the equivalent of opening and closing the window five times a day for more than 100 years! And no worries about accidentally leaving your window unlocked! When the handle is down, the window is locked, when the handle is up, it’s unlocked. It’s that simple! Discover for yourself why the new award-winning SmartTouch really is a smarter, easier way to lock your window.

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How To Maintain Your Sliding Window (Window Cleaning and Care)

The tools required for this project include:

  • Putty Knife
  • Pipe Cleaner
  • Mallet and Soft Block of Wood
  • Non-abrasive Cloth
  • Soap and Water
  • Safety Glasses
  • Gloves

The first step is to slide open the sash. On the top of the window, you will notice a few tabs- these tabs prevent the sash from being removed from the outside. Next we will remove the sash. Ensure the window is clear of the last tab and the lock is not touching the jamb. Lift up on the sash from the bottom; pull out and down from to remove the sash. You may notice that moisture and debris is present in the window track; this is normal. Using a putty knife, lift up and remove the track. Using a non-abrasive cloth, soap and water, clean the track. It is important to use avoid non-abrasive chemicals!

To reinstall, slide the track in the groove, sloping it away from you, and press down. The track will need to be snapped into place; a soft block of wood and mallet are needed for this. Place the block of wood at an angle on the track and pound the block along the length of the track to snap into place. Install the sash from the top and slide it in from the bottom. Next you will need to have access to the outside of the window to check and clean the weep hole cover and weep hole. A putty knife and pipe cleaner are needed. Take off the weep hole cover. Inspect to ensure the flap is moving. Use the pipe cleaner to clean the weep hole of excess debris. Place the weep hole cover back into the weep hole.

You’re all done!

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Milgard Windows & Doors - Windows to the Soul

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Well, windows reveal the soul of your home. Windows and doors provide a glimpse into your life, your style, and your vision. What do your windows and doors say about you?

With a combination of superior craftsmanship, and nearly limitless design options, Milgard delivers the very best windows and doors. We offer a variety of high-quality product lines to compliment your home and satisfy your vision.

Whether it’s a traditional look, sleek, modern styling, hardware that blends form and function, or beautiful wood interiors, Milgard has the appearance and durability your desire.

From award-winning hardware to energy efficient solutions, it’s no wonder why more home-owners in the western United States choose Milgard for their homes than any other window brand.

This is just a glimpse of how Milgard can stir the soul of your home with a fresh new outlook. Learn more about how our product helps provide a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable space in any home.

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How to Remove and Install Your Milgard Single-Hung Sash

Congratulations on choosing Milgard windows! Built to last, Milgard windows are a smart choice. In this video series we’ll show you how to get the most out of your investment. With a little care and maintenance, your Milgard windows will perform at peak levels for years to come. Right now we’re going to use a Milgard Tuscany series window to show you how to remove the vent, or sash – the operable portion of the window. Milgard recommends using a small screwdriver or putty knife to assist with removal.

Removing the Vent

  1. Locate the silver take-out clips and sash stops on either side and shut the vent
  2. Using the putty knife or a small screwdriver, pull out the take-out clips and remove the sash stops
  3. Push the sash up to disengage the balancer system, sliding it to either side of the frame
  4. Carefully swing the sash out of the frame and remove the vent

Reinstalling the Vent

  1. Hold the vent with the SmartTouch on top and the lock facking you
  2. Insert the sash into the frame with the bottom of the sash above the balancers
  3. Center the sash in the frame and carefully bring sash down to engage the balancer system
  4. Open the vent and push all the way to the top, ensuring sash tops are installed correctly

As you’ve just seen, Milgard windows are designed to be easy to use and care for. Your window vent can be removed and reinstalled quickly and easily by following just a few simple steps. If you have any more questions about your windows or doors, contact your local Milgard dealer or call 1-800-MILGARD to speak with us directly.

Milgard Windows – Clearly the Best!

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Tuscany Series by Milgard

Tuscany Series Windows by Milgard give you the modern elegance of a traditionally styled window with the durability of vinyl. They’ll make a difference in how you see the world and how the world sees your home. Tuscany Series Vinyl Windows come in every operating style, for every application, plus they are custom-made to your home’s exact specifications for a perfect fit at no extra cost or lead time. Most Tuscany Series Windows feature the award winning smart-touch lock for simple one-touch operation.

The Tuscany Series offers more than just windows, but also offers patio doors that perfectly complement your windows. Choose from traditional sliding doors, French-style sliding doors, or French-style swing doors. Make Tuscany windows and doors your own with seven premium exterior colors, grids, and glass options. Tuscany Series Windows come with innovative energy saving features that are tailored to your region, plus you will have peace of mind with the full lifetime warranty including parts and labor, and glass breakage coverage. Traditional styling and endless possibilities, Tuscany Series windows and Doors by Milgard are an excellent choice!

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Panoramic Door Moving Glass Wall Systems

Introducing the innovative and versatile panoramic door! The panoramic door completely changes the way multi panel doors are transported, installed, and operated. The panoramic door has interlocking sections and double seals between each panel making it thermally efficient and secure. Using the patented Magnaline Systems technology allows the panels to first slide in a chosen direction and then swing open, virtually eliminating visible hardware, making the panoramic door system the cleanest, most versatile folding door system available in the market today.

The panoramic door was tested to a design pressure of 45 for air, water, and structural performance and passed comfortably. All panels operate independently and allow for as many or few panels to be opened or closed at any one time. Position the sliding panels for complete control of the opening. The independent panel operation means the door does not encroach on any living or patio area, thus maximizing the usable space of your home or business. You are going to love the ease of operation and the flexibility of the panoramic door’s one-of-a-kind slide-and-pivot technology!

Custom-built to your size, the panoramic door is available in vinyl, aluminum, and wood cladding. Choose from hundreds of colors and options! Take full advantage of any opening now and enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds you! Ask yourself, “why fold multiple connected panels when you can slide and pivot effortlessly with the panoramic door?” Elegance, luxury, quality, and affordability. With the panoramic door, you can have it all!

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Energy Effeciency

Tuscany WindowsLeaky and inefficient windows, skylights, and doors account for poor insulation and higher energy usage in households. A lot depends on where you live:

  • Cold climates lose energy in the form of heat
  • Hot climates lose energy in the form of cooling

Milgard windows and patio doors are designed to meet tough thermal and solar requirements. We conduct thermal simulation to improve energy performance in our windows and patio doors so our consumers can enjoy a more comfortable home.

We make it easy to meet local energy codes and green building efficiency standards with a selection of performance enhancing features. In fact, Milgard has options available to tailor the components of windows and doors to specific climates – perfectly matching the product to your region’s energy needs.