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Benefits of Studio Series​

  • Smooth Look

    No unsightly exterior or interior accessory grooves on the window to interfere with the clean appearance

  • Interlocking Panels

    Interlocking panels and high-performance weather stripping provide increased protection against wind and water

  • Metal-Reinforced Meeting Rail

    Provides the window with added strength

  • Large Combinations

    Large window combinations in a continuous frame for better performance

  • Sturdy 3 Inch Frame Depth

    Large 3″ frame width works well for both new construction and retrofit applications

  • Multiple Hollow Chambers

    Strategically placed chambers provide greater insulation and strength to the window

  • Fusion-Welded and Mitered Corners

    Adds strength and improves protection against air leakage

  • Custom Sizing

    Can be custom-ordered to the nearest 1/8 inch to fit any architectural design or custom window


With the Studio Series, AMSCO combines energy efficiency, sturdy design and good looks into a budget-friendly vinyl window. With clean lines, large 3-inch frames, and energy-saving CōzE glass standard, these windows are ideal for homeowners who are looking for the perfect mix of performance and style. Choose from a number of options, styles and colors to create the perfect fit

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